Risk has different faces, dimensions, and meanings. It is the sleeping agent of every situation, and its amplitude remains connected to the interaction between given facts and actions taken accordingly.

Risk is normally recognized by its forecasted result, and calculated by its cost. Therefore, and in the hope of avoiding the risk-oriented outcome of a certain action, people tend to convince themselves - whether emotionally or rationally - of refraining from making a move. In fact, risk can detonate and unleash its undesirable results by the only act of refraining. In other words, not taking a risk can constitute another risk, or somehow be the risk itself. As La Fontaine once said:" people often meet their destiny on the road they take to avoid it ".

Pebble Beach Golf Course, Carmel-By-The-Sea (CA, USA)

Pebble Beach Golf Course, Carmel-By-The-Sea (CA, USA)

Risk appears to be a strict compass which can influence decisions and dictate actions. However, it should be reasonably used to enlighten decisions and guide actions towards a lower risk ground. Fearfully sticking to the first option might be apparently safe, but it could easily lead to idleness and perhaps trigger another risk.

Risk can be confusing. As simple or hard as it may seem, risky decisions should be inspired by a combination of emotion and reason, present and future. Be careful, but not fearful. Consult your fear, but do not submit to it. Take your time, but do not hesitate. Invest in your unfulfilled potential, and do not fall for hypnotizing frustrations. Do not break on failures or get dazzled by success; keep your eyes open and mind awake. Respect your passion and believe in your dreams; do not let others write your story. Take reasonable risks and build your own path, but do not blindly throw yourself into a mysterious abyss.

Risk should not destroy you; use it to grow and rise. It is by trying that possibility is proved, and by experiencing that lessons are effectively learned. Take challenges and strive for success, for it is only by testing your personal limits that the realization of self begins.


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