A Short Essay?



Identify one political, social, or economic challenge facing your country today. What steps could be taken to solve the problem or improve the situation? What role can students play in this process?


Lebanon is supposed to remain a message of culture, peace, and prosperity. But practically, prosperity needs peace, and peace requires stability, which also demands a minimal culture of understanding. What we essentially lack is mutual understanding, and sometimes, respect.

In fact, prosperity can be transposed to an economic level. In other words, our economy is mainly based on the 3rd sector, and its performance is relative to political and social stability. Thus, it is of a volatile structure, and slides so badly with almost every political or social hindrance. To avoid such problems, the multiple sides shall converge into common grounds in order to reach a possible consensus.

Consensus can, and should be, reached by the means of dialogue. But this process needs openness, understanding and tolerance. That's unfortunately the gridlock of the whole progression. The other should not be perceived as an opposite for his only difference; we all agree that he’s not a substitute, but he’s somehow, complementary. And we should not be afraid of openness, for it doesn't necessarily mean melting into the one another.

Students are the future in which you should invest. Problems cannot be solved by simply removing outcomes, but by tackling their root cause in a way to produce a positive curve in the sociopolitical path. Students might not be of a big and direct effect, but will surely and inevitably be in the future. 


Paul KlimosComment