The Attractive Connection


While some disjointedly believe in separate assessments, others merge traits and speak of combinations. If physical attraction is usually seen as common and mental connection as rare, another perspective sees a whole and asserts: the pattern might seem infrequent, but the concoction does exist.

People tend to experience connectional stages, shifting from an extreme to another, until a convincing equilibrium is found. This correlation can be portrayed by the simple image of a balance, having physical attraction on one side, and mental connection on the other.

Nevertheless, this balance is irregular and tuned in a way that neither force can entirely pull the weight to its side. The reason is clear: its nature of measurement is qualitative and not quantitative. In fact, the mixture of the two concerned notions is strongly called for in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable interaction. Admitting that the extent of each can be freely – yet constrainedly - fixed, their equivalence remains highly advisable.

San Diego (CA, USA)

San Diego (CA, USA)

In reality, decisions are normally directed by a triangular composite: the mind, the heart, and the instinct. In other words, guidance relies on either a single actor of this meld, or the synergy of two or more. If you’re inclined to individually follow one of them, wake up and prevent any eventual confusion or discord from occurring. Relationship choices in life should be the outcome of a peaceful consensus between these three poles, and never the consequence of the selfish magnetism of one.

In the end, do not look for plain corporal attraction; it has the germs of boredom and collateral lust. Do not look for bare intellectual connection; it has the germs of hebetude and timed fragility. Instead, look for a partner who has the aptitude and the will to jointly and diversely fill your total set of needs and desires. Open up for the person who is ready to turn on your instinct, stimulate your heart and dynamize your mind. If one final word of advice is worth being said, stop listening to the biased assumptions behind those separate assessments. Only one combination can fulfill this task: the attractive connection.


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