No-mind, Just Dance


Is your mind troubled by music, and you still can’t dance? Listen to yourself. Your soul probably has something to say.

Performance in life is like performance on stage: the less room there is, the harder it is to move and bring dancing skills to life. Do not limit your floor with what others have drawn for themselves. Create your own space, and draw your own lines. Receive the sound of life openly, and feel every beat. Follow your own steps, not those you learned in dancing schools. Listen to your body, and be in control.

To know yourself, you have to experiment yourself. To discover your true essence, you have to test yourself.  Welcome life and its experiences. Look at different options, and have the courage to step into the unknown. Be strong, and try something new.

You have the right and moral obligation to define your own self and give meaning to life. You were born in a way you did not arrange. If you cannot change where you come from, you can still designate your path, set your goals, and decide where to go from there.

Do you like and enjoy what you are doing now? Maybe? Think again: is it truly what you want? Passion is not only what we see; it is much more what we feel. It is not simply what we like; it is what we cannot live without. Make sure to find your authentic passions, and to never settle for those you were conditioned or obliged to like. To know yourself, start by letting go of what you are told or convinced that you’re destined to be. Do all that you can, until your destiny is revealed to you.

Look around you, and hear what others have to say. They might be right, or wrong. Ultimately, you will have to answer to your own convictions and beliefs. Be a product of yourself, and not the product of your surroundings. Give birth to yourself, and to the environment you want to live in.

Be in conformity with your true self, and never blindly abide by prefixed social rules. They might go in tandem at some point; try to combine them peacefully. Find the common ground if possible, but if you can’t, don’t be afraid of creating your own new conceptions. What is now, one-day was not. And what one-day will be, does not necessarily exist today.

Are you afraid of not achieving what others have achieved? Stop, you’re wrong. By comparing yourself to others, you might be running the wrong marathon. One day, you will all reach the same end, and rest in the same pot. At that time, competitors will be of two kinds: those who ran so fast and forgot to experience life and enjoy its fruits, and those who moved slowly and got to enjoy whatever life had to offer, from the tiniest to the deepest of pleasures.

Don’t compare yourself to others. If it can motivate you to move forward and faster in some competitions, it could also limit sight and hinder your moves. You don’t have to run on the same track while you can change direction. Compete with yourself, and not only with others. Walk fast if you want, but try not to always run. Get some rest when you feel the need. Stop to breathe, and to reenergize. Stop to reflect, and to re-focalize your goals.

Teotihuacán (Mexico)

Teotihuacán (Mexico)

Look around and inside you; you might want to redefine your path. Are you lost, and can’t tell where you are now? Do you know where you’re heading to, or at least where you want to go? It might be scary to step into the unknown, but isn’t also frightening to let go of ourselves for what some people call destiny, fate or luck? Why should we always be the product of life, and not vice versa? Why don’t we create the life we want, plant the seeds of the future we seek, and enjoy its fruits on time?

Sometimes we wake up, look at what we see in the mirror, and hardly recognize ourselves. But do we ever give attention to the moment when we look within ourselves, and hardly read what we see? Even worse, when we slightly see what is inside of us? To meet yourself, you must open the windows to your heart and mind. It is only by opening up these holes that light can come in. You need it to see and read who and what you really are.

You are born with your own seed inside of you, and it needs light and water to grow. Let them in… While light enters when we open the windows of our heart and mind, water arrives with the lessons of life. Let it drink before it gets thirsty, but remember that overhydration can kill it.

Life experiences are like the dishes of new cuisines, perceived by their smell, appearance, and people’s feedback. There are those we like, and those that we don’t. But among both, there are those that are healthy and beneficial, those that are bad, and those that make no difference at all. Isn’t it what doctors and dietitians say? Yes, but we won’t know what we truly like or dislike until we try.

Learning about yourself is also part of learning about others and their different cultures. Travel, meet new people, and learn languages. Dress, eat and try to think differently. Combine cultures, and find the mix that suits you the most. When you travel, you get to see things differently. You obtain new lenses with which you get to zoom in and out. You get to focalize your own vision until the scene looks natural, and until your picture becomes crystal clear.

Don’t be afraid of letting go of what you have, or are currently doing. If you don’t like it, move and try something else. Engage in new activities, and scratch your creativity. Innovate, and bring your ideas to life. And if you are afraid of moving, remember that while stability is important, immobilism is dangerous. What you can do now, you might not be able to do it tomorrow. Today is always a right time to start.

Create your own world, and set your own rules. Satisfy yourself, but avoid hurting others selfishly. Look for what makes you really happy, and define your own pleasures and desires.

Be true to yourself, and do not silence your dreams because of external pressure. Do not give up; hold your stance. If you protect your wallet and the money that is in it, you must also defend yourself and what is inside of you.

Surround yourself with positive people who can help you grow. People who can read you well, and make you know more about yourself. People who can criticize you constructively, without the envious will of destroying you. People who can bring the best out of you, and contribute to your full self-realization. People who love you the way you are, and appreciate the way you want to be. People who can enlighten you, without confusing you. People who can believe in you, without deceiving you. People who can invest in you, without wanting to use you.

Don’t be afraid of smiling, laughing or even crying. Be the kid you need to be. Lucky are those who maintain a touch of childish innocence in their hearts while all others become dark and hard like rocks. Fly, and let go of what keeps you down. Love, and don’t be afraid of emotions. Love yourself, others, and life. No-mind, just dance.


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