I’ve been taught that life is made to be conquered on both of its battlefields, the inner self and the outside world.

As we all know, in every conquest some collateral damage might occur; there is indeed a price to pay. Therefore, we cannot undergo such a thorough engagement unless we have the courage, confidence and strength to do it. we must confidently fix our goals, to chase them deliberately. Some goals might be easy, others might be hard.

Romans used to say that the eagle does not catch flies (in Latin: aquila non capit muscas). In other words, the eagle has not time or will to waste his energy on trifling matters. He deliberately dedicates his attention to what really deserves it. 

In fact, anybody can choose whichever pray they want, but there is no taste in easy victories. The greatness of achievements is not to be measured quantitatively; it’s the quality that counts the most.

The higher the quality is, the harder the conquest is. The harder the conquest is, the higher the risk is. The higher the risk is, the more vulnerable we are!

The more vulnerable we are, the more we are about to lose. Consequently, we would be putting at stake what we cherish the most in life.

Here I am questioning myself: is it fair that family, friends and lovers be the victims of this collateral damage? I would prefer paying the price with time, energy and money; but I’m not willing to give up on them. They give meaning to my life…

Life… If you think I’m slow, be sure I’m just warming up to come after you. If you think I’m weak, pay attention to deception as I’m just pulling you down. If you think I’m willing to blindly give up, remember that eagles can look straight in the sun!


Paul KlimosComment