A World of Fakes


We live in a world of fakes, a world where true identities are either concealed or mainly undiscovered. Being stuck in the endless research of our own identity, we constantly try to find out who we really are.

We sometimes think that our questions have no answers, or that these sought answers are beyond our perception. But we are just looking in the wrong direction, scanning from a wrong perspective. Instead of focusing on ourselves and what comes from within, we get blinded by the illusion of a virtual world.

Normally, every person should be pursuing her own happiness. But sometimes, happiness itself needs to be defined: does satisfaction necessarily mean happiness? Most of the time, we get lost between our own genuine satisfaction, and the satisfaction of our entourage. We even go further by admitting the imitation and influence of others, in the name of satisfaction!

Every time we get the courage to cross this dependence, we go back and ask ourselves: what would the others think? We are literally the slaves of our environment: we unconsciously desire what others desire, seek what they seek, like what they like… What is happening to our own desires? Do we live for the others or ourselves?

We dare to desire the unconquerable, to dream big and make a difference; but are we determined and motivated enough to achieve such goals? Act before it’s too late…


Paul KlimosComment