From All My Heart, I Pray


In some parts of the world, people fight for their contemporary privileges, in others for their basic and inalienable rights, and in some others they still strive for mere existence.

While risk exposure in life can be normally controlled by wise and attentive behaviors, random and unlucky deaths remain inevitable in this sad cycle of uncontrollable acts of terror. I regret to see that political religion in this world has become a source of hatred and separation, rather than a common ground for mutual understanding, peace and love.

We leave the house in the morning, not knowing whether we will be back home safely, or not at all. Still, we live with no fear, except the fear of ourselves... The fear of losing hope. If one day, God forbid, I or any of your beloved friends happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, please remember that in these horrifying times we still believed in peace and in offering roses to those who mistakenly thought we did not deserve to live.

It is with utmost sorrow that I would like to present my sincerest condolences to the families of all the innocent victims of terrorism, and repeat the words of President Richard Nixon from his first inaugural address: “Let us take as our goal: where peace is unknown, make it welcome; where peace is fragile, make it strong; where peace is temporary, make it permanent.”

From all my heart, I pray.


Paul M. Klimos