A Myth At The Lincoln Memorial

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend
— Henri Bergson

Daniel Chester French's Statue of Abraham Lincoln (Washington D.C.)

A simple piece of advice: unless you're knowledgeable about the history of Washington D.C. and its secrets, do not make the mistake of blindly moving around without proper guidance.

During my first official visit in 2014, the U.S. Department of State had designated to me a very reliable guide who succeeded in enlightening me about some of the hidden signs and symbols engraved in the capital's monuments.

Among the many lessons I have learned, one story had caught my attention: a myth at the Lincoln Memorial...

Can you see that face carved in the back of Abraham Lincoln's head? Some say it is nothing but perspective, and others believe it is Robert E. Lee's face, looking toward his old home Arlington House across the Potomac River!

Before I leave this short interpretation to you, I urge you to not only open your eyes, but also your mind. Learn about the history of every sight you visit in this world. Nowadays, many so-called travelers tend to move around the world, merely enjoying what they "see". They forget to learn and appreciate the history, meaning and value of whatever they encounter. If you are not ready to learn about the world you browse, you would be simply touring a planet with no significance, like walking around the Louvre without knowing what's around you.


Paul M. Klimos