The Masculine Faux Pas (Part II) - Personal Grooming

... As promised, here comes the second part of "The Masculine Faux Pas" series! Enjoy it!

Wash your face

Wash your face at least twice a day. Do so with cleansing soap and preferably cold water. 


Use an exfoliator, once or twice a week, to open and clean the pores of your face.


Moisturizing is a must. Apply a hydrating cream every morning to your face and, if possible, sunscreen too. As for your hands, do use a hydrating cream - not necessarily the same - as there are special products for the body.

 Apply lip balm

Applying lip balm in certain weather conditions is not meant to make a girl out of you, but rather to prevent your lips from getting painfully chapped. Do it!

 Brush your teeth

 Your teeth require care; brush them efficiently. Do that twice a day, for almost 3 minutes each time. As for the toothbrush, change it every 90 days or earlier if it deteriorates before. However, do not forget to visit the dentist, at least once a year for a necessary check-up.


Unless you like having leftovers sleep in your mouth at night, make the effort of flossing, especially after consuming products with remains between the teeth (e.g. meat).

Whiten your teeth 

Teeth are meant to look white, not yellow. If you’re a heavy smoker and your smile is starting to look like a banana, consider one of the available whitening techniques (at your own risk).

Be careful with your hair

The hair is very sensitive. Avoid using hot water while washing, and stick to an acceptable warmth. Use good pharmaceutical products - if possible - and avoid purely commercial chemicals. When you dry your hair, use the towel gently and avoid irritating pressure. And in addition to that, remember that the dryer should be an exception for those suffering from hairloss! In case you're one of those, do not hesitate to visit your doctor: whereas hair loss can hardly be stopped, it might be easily delayed.

Visit your barber

It doesn’t matter whether you miss your hairdresser or not; visit a barber every couple of weeks to get neat again by cleaning the neck and other dense areas.

When you shave, do it in one direction

Unlike the popular zigzag shaving commercial, you're better off shaving in one direction. And once you finish, make sure you really did... Few more seconds of attention would save you from looking like a neo-Tarzan with little hairy spots around your face. Besides, a good razor doesn't require force, it's meant to slide. Regarding the water, start with the warm and finish with the cold.

 Use your deodorant properly

If you’re a deodorant spray user, shake the bottle before every use, and keep it at least 10cm away from the contact area. Moreover, and unless you like skin irritation and burning, it is advisable to hold your excitement after a hot bath: wait until you’re totally dry to apply the spray!

And your perfume, too!

When applying perfume, no need to empty the bottle all over your body until your neighbors know you’re going out. Apply it only to the key areas where the pulse is high, such as the neck, as well as the inner parts of elbows and palms.


Paul M. Klimos